Luis Lugo's professional background

In the Summer 2001 Luis worked for a company designing and developing Microsoft Access databases in South Windsor, CT. These databases was used in accounting, inventory, and point of sale software. After working there Luis started working at the commercial aircraft fueling company and Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT.

In 2004 Luis moved to the greater Philadelphia region, and started working for the same fueling company at Philadelphia International Airport. Later that year Luis started working with a new company also fueling commercial aircraft at PHL. After approximately 1 year, Luis went through training in inoperative gauge procedures that let him not only handle these issues without the assistance of a supervisor, but he was also able to assist other fuelers when a supervisor was busy. Luis gained his MCP 2.0 certification on October 5, 2005. After leaving the fueling company in the Spring of 2006, Luis started working for a public adjusters firm in Lower Merion, PA.

In the Fall of that year Luis started working on a help desk in Langhorne, PA. He worked on a desk supporting a hospital system in Southern New Jersey. The work there involved supporting many different types of users from EMTs and assistants at remote doctor offices to nurses and doctors working ERs and ICUs under time-critical constraints. Most of the issues involved user account issues such as locked accounts and password resets. A lot of issues relating to computer hardware such as network connections and printer problems were also fixed. Luis worked all three shifts as well as weekends, learning different ways the client operated at different times. For the over-night shift as well as weekends, more troubleshooting would be accomplished as well as calling the clients operations center before contacting system administrators.

Currently Luis is working for Aetna Insurance in Hartford, CT. He has experience deploying OS images to desktops and laptops for customers receiving new devices. He also has experience installing and troubleshooting inkjet and laserjet printers.

He has a professional background in the computer support field. He has two years of over the phone customer service, as well as several years of operating in different environments ranging from working outdoors year-round to an office environment.

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